Could I have the wrong grad iol after cataract surgery my vision 20/25 in that eye, before that I had a retina detachment 8 mnts ago too?

Not really. Vision of 20/25 after history of a retinal detachment is very good. If you had a wrong intra ocular(iol) then you may have a worse vision. You may need corrective lens to compensate for the wrong power of iol.
Unlikely. 20/25 vision after cataract surgery is excellent outcome. 20/25 vision after retinal detachment surgery and cataract surgery is amazing. You are very lucky and you should be proud of your surgeons. God bless and happy new year.
Good result. Your vision seems quite good, especially since you also had a retinal reattachment procedure. You may have a slight refractive error that glasses can be prescribed for. I'm not aware of the status of your retina, but sometimes your vision may have some after affects from your previous retinal detachment, like an epiretinal membrane causing some distortion. I think your iol is the correct power.