Why is a stress fracture a big deal to foot ortho doc?

Stress fracture. If not treated properly with rest, immobilization and protected weight bearing; the stress fracture can convert to a complete fracture. Worst case it can displace or not heal properly requiring surgery.
One step away. Because a stress fracture is a sign that the bone is weak. There are several reasons why a stress fracture occurs. If you have osteoporosis you can be more susceptible for a stress fracture.

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What can I do at home to determine if I have stress fracture in my foot. Like in my 2nd metatarsal. I heard there were at home test before doc visi?

No home test. Can determine a stress fracture. It needs to be examined by x-ray. In some cases, we also need to do a sonogram or even an MRI, but certainly an x-ray should be done first.
Palpation, vibration. 1. palpate 2nd metatarsal with the finger tips, if there is point pain, then grasp area from side to side if pain then stress reaction. 2. using the vibration setting on your phone touch the area of pain when vibration is on, if the intensity of pain is worese than when you touch that atrea with phone when vibration is on it is likely a stress fracture.

Foot stress fracture 7 months ago had bone scan but my foot still hurts when I walk doc says its tendonitis don't know?

Stress Fracture? Stress fracture can present as you described. Discuss the results of the scan with your doctor and don't be afraid to look for a second opinion, it always helps.
Bone scan result. If bone scan did not show abnormal uptake then the cause of pain is usually not bone. Soft tissue abnormalities such as tendonitis, ganglion cysts, or myositis do not show up on bone scan. Soft tissue abnormalities can be better defined in certain hands by ultrasound and in others by magnetic resonance imaging. If conservative treatment shows improvement, than additional tests not usually necessary.

Had stress fracture in foot. Wore boot 1 mo. 4 mo. Later foot still swollen tho doc said bone healed. No pain just noticeable swelling not improving.?

Stress Fractures. Can cause long term swelling. Repetitive trauma to an area that underwent a stress fracture will continue to have stress-induced swelling. If you are not wearing an orthotic in your shoe that helps to displace pressure and impact trauma away from the fracture site, then you will continue to have stress-type symptoms in that area, including post-injury swelling.
No pain. Is key. Sometimes swelling in the foot can take six months or longer to resolve.
See below. Since the bone was not totally immobilized you may have had some motion at the fracture site caused bone callous formation. This should decrease byt may take up to a year.
Swelling. After a fracture can be present for many months: especially on feet as we walk and stand on them. As long as no pain and you can function normally, as long as swelling it not excessive, it is alright. Often times, compression and physical therapy is helpful. Discuss with your doctor.
You may want to try. Hot warm compresses, or if you have time some physical therapy. If there is no pain, I would not be so concerned, sometimes it takes weeks, to months for post injury swelling to reduce. Sometimes, there will be some degree of residual swelling that will not go away.

Intense foot pain on top of rt foot came on suddenly. Ortho doc said stress fracture or gout. Blood tests neg. Gout yet prednisone cleared it up.

Gout. If Prednisone cleared it up, gout is possible but not necessarily. Blood tests negative you mentioned - wonder which ones were done. Gout presents usually not just with pain but also with swelling, redness, heat and that is in the joints. If you just had pain and nothing else, doubt gout.
Possible false neg. It is not uncommon for the uric acid level to be normal right after an acute gout attack. It can take time for the uric acid level to rise outside the normal range. I routinely do a sed rate blood test as well as a uric acid, knowing the uric acid may not be elevated in an acute attack. Being the steroids helpled, it is quite probable you had a gout attack.

Think I had stress fracture in big metatarsal in foot year and half ago running still slightly flares up sometimes, never got treated what should I do?

Instability Stress. There's only one thing to do. Have your foot evaluated by a foot specialist. There are diagnostic test that can determine if the metatarsal is fractured. There could be other possibilities that could cause the symptoms you are having. Joint instability could also be considered as a realistic cause. Remove all doubt, have it examined.

Pain in big toe when walking. How to tell a stress fracture or just bruising or something else?

Visit the ortho doc. Pain in the big toe when walking can be any number of things. Often there are any number of non-operative measures that one can try to control those symptoms. See your orthopedic doctor to see what is causing the pain and what can be done about it.
Start with. A visit to your family physician may be the best first step.