If I stop breastfeeding just until my nipples heal will it stop my milk from coming and will the baby not want my breast no more cuz I'm using formula?

Feeding may continue. Stopping breast feeding for few days should not stop the milk secretion. Sore breast is a very common complaint post delivery and lasts from day 2 to day 5.See a doctor, if pain lasts more than a week. Massage and warm compressing of breast usually start the milk flow. The baby should be able to start breast feeding, after a brief interruption and being on formula milk. Don't stop trying to feed.
Maybe. Usually you would feed through the healing time. Use breast cream on your nipples, allow them to air dry as much as possible and continue breast feeding. Usually they will improve significantly over 2-3 weeks.
Nipple confusion. Keep pumping every day to keep your milk from drying up. Use a nipple cream to help your nipples heal in between feedings. Try using nipple shields to protect the nipples. Contact your local hospital's lactation specialist .