I've been to the doctor six times in the last month. I've been diagnosed with strep, bronchitus, sinus inf., thrush, rad, chronic cough and walking pneumonia. I still have a violent cough though.

Need follow up. With all these conditions you need to follow up with your doctor or consult an infectious disease specialist. It is very difficult to recommend any thing else.We do not know what if any antibiotics you have been treated and if you have ang blood test, thrush infection makes me think you might have underlying immunity problem. Do you have any other co existing condition.Consult an id doctor.
Diagnostic eval. If your symptoms persist, ask your physician to consider referring you for pulmonary function testing (if that has not been performed.) some people have "cough variant asthma". Your doctor may not hear wheezing, but you may still have sufficient airway inflammation to result in chronic cough. If you have cough variant asthma, there are effective therapies available.