I have low blood pressure 60/90 and fatigue no matter if I walk, eat, rest. But my heart rate is good. What else should I check as I am so worried?

See below. 60/90 is not a blood pressure. The bottom number cannot be greater than the top number. Your pressure is probably 90/60. This can be normal in a 28 year old woman.
Depends. That blood pressure reading alone, without symptoms, is normal for a female your age. Symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, lightheadedness, could result from low blood pressure. Fatigue can too, although it's more difficult to ascertaining a cause/effect relationship.

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Low blood pressure with high heart rate and fatigue today?

Help needed. It is common for heart rate to increase when blood pressure falls. This combination can have a variety of causes. It may rise from dehydration (from protracted vomiting and diarrhea); low blood volume (internal bleeding), or adrenal hormone deficiency. Fatigue may result from the low blood pressure. Read more...

Sleep for 2-3 days at a time (very deeply), have low blood pressure (too low) and high heart rate. Help?

More info. I don't have any more information. Why are you sleeping for 2-3 days? Work related? Taking any medicines? Are you depress? I am more concern about your sleeping habits. You need to seek a medical consultation for a more in depth discussion with a good history and physical exam. Read more...

I have low blood pressure and slow hr at rest and a fast heart rate during exercise, what should I do?

Your MD can tell you. If you have been exercizing aerobically your rest pulse might be under 60. If not or you are dizzy or light headed see your md asap your pulse should go up with exercize. If you are young and very fit you might be able to pass 200. Since you onlyleft a little info i think you should talk to an md. He/she may reasure you or have you see an excercize physiologist or recommend a stress test. Read more...