Do you think I am getting mono if I have a bad sore throat and big tonsils?

Maybe. Mono is an infection with a virus that does make the tonsils swell as well as give the person general malaise and fatigue. It's best diganosed by a physician so, until you get there, please stay hydrated with water/juice/fruit (not soda).

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Had mono 3 times & sore throats w/ it always. Then tonsils removed 6months ago, feeling like I'm getting mono again now but no sore throat? Not mono?

Not mono. Hard to explain in limited space, but mono does not cause a pattern like this. Lab markers of mono persist for life and are often misunderstood. Unless you have seen an infectious disease specialist, I suspect that your prior episodes were NOT mono and that you do not have mono now. Chronic active EBV infection is a rare disorder. Read more...

My sore throat is basically gone but I can barely open my mouth my teeth hurt really bad. Could this be lingering effects of mono or from not eating?

Probably not. You can try gently stretching your mouth open 3x per day and if you see no improvement, see a dentist with training in how to diagnose tmd. Read more...