Could it be meningitis if I have a bad headache with my flu?

Unlikely. Anything is possible, but this is infrequent. If, however, you have stiff neck, sensitivity to light or sound, nausea and vomiting, alterations in mental status, localized neurological changes, high sustained fevers, see a doctor asap.

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Diagnosed with mono & flu. My neck is so stiff & shoulders too. It hurts so bad. Headaches & very tired. Is this from mono or could it be meningitis?

Call your doctor. This is a question that is tough to answer online. Please call your doctor right away, and let him/her know how you're doing, and what your concerns are. If you cannot reach the doc, seek medical attention sooner than later at an er or walk-in center. I know you've been waiting a while for an answer; hope your? Was answered and you're on the mend at this point.

3-4 days. Bad headache, low grade temp, back/neck ache, fatigue. No respiratory or GI probs. Flu vs meningitis?

Maybe flu. Flu can certainly cause headaches and body aches. Meningitis patients typically get seriously sick! If symptoms do not improve, please see your doctor or visit a local ER.

If blood work is normal but still have stiff neck and worst headache ever could it still be meningitis. ER doctor said neg. For flu.

Yes. Most meningitis that's seen is viral and can be relieved with a spinal tap. Because of the severity of your symptoms you may need another evaluation and a scan to eliminate intra-cranial bleeding. Get checked again!