Could I have an ectopic pregnancy if I had to be treated for chlamydia twice before?

Yes. First, anyone can have an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that is outside the uterus, usually in the tube). But you are right that it is more common in women who have had infections like chlamydia. If you think you are pregnant, you should call your ob/gyn to get evaluated.
Yes. Unfortunately, chlamydia is silent most commonly in both women and men. It is the most common std! nearly 28% of unmarried females have a chlamydial infection, and almost 25% of unmarried males. Other infections can cause fallopian tube scarring, but chlamydia is #1. A two week round of doxycyline will knock it out, but if a sexual partner has it, you will be reinfected.
Possible. Chlamydia can produce changes to the fallopian tubes which enhance the risk of tubal pregnancy as well as fostering infertility.

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Does chlamydia always cause ectopic pregnancy? Had it twice not sure how long but both treated

Not always. When caught early and treated it might not create this problem.However, the germ just loves to get into the tubes and live there.While it does it can eat on and destroy sensitive linings and thus increase chances of a tubal.Just be aware of the symptom pattern and ready to go in immediately if they develop. Read more...

Can chlamydia contribute to an ectopic pregnancy?

Yes. Untreated chlamydia in women can cause pelvic inflmmatory disease (pid) which can lead to scarring of the pelvic structures including the fallopian tubes. If the tubes becomes scarred, the probability of developing an ectopic pregnancy is much higher. Read more...
It can cause it! Chlamydial cervicitis is frequently associated with salpingitis that can predispose to infertility and ectopic pregnancy. Be sure your partner is also treated fully if you have been diagnosed with this infection. Read more...