Can wearing a tight bra put pressure on your chest and cause breathing problems like shortness of breath?

Tight Bra and Dyspne. A tight bra can cause minor discomfort in breathing if it is very tight, but the rib cage is bony and so this effect is limited. Further, this matter can be easily tested in a given person by loosening the bra slightly. Significant breathing problems are likely due to other causes, primarily lung and heart conditions, but also nasal blockages, anxiety and severe anemia my contribute.

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What breathing problems are associated with a shortness of breath in chest?

SHORTNESS OF BREATH. Bronchial asthma, copd, congestive heart failure, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary fibrosis and other chronic diseases of lungs.

Left side chest pain. No shortness of breath or breathing problems. No cough or other symptoms. Burps came too much. Smoker bt quit it. Is dis lung cancer?

Call your Dr! I do not know your age or other important things about your history but chest pain is almost always a reason to call your regular medical doctor at least the first time to get the whole thing sorted out.
Unlikely, due to your. Age. Does any movement make it worse? This would suggest a musculoskeletal origin. Pleuritic chest pain is worse with deep breaths and caused by lung irritation/pneumonia. There are many structures in the chest that can cause pain. A careful history, physical exam, and x-Rays may b required to discover the diagnosis.