Can hay fever cause these swollen eye symptoms?

Yes. Swollen eyes, sometimes called "allergic shiners" can occur from allergies. The conjunctival membrane that essentially "covers" the white part of the eye and eyelid can get inflammed from allergies. The blood vessels that surround the eye can get dilated from the inflammation and cause swelling as well. This leads to the "bluish" discoloration around the eyes.
Yes. Allergic conjunctivitis commonly causes redness, watering, itching and mildly swollen and mildly red eyelids. Over the counter treatments such as an antihistamine or an allergy eye drops such as zaditor (ketotifen) may provide relieve, and cool compresses are also helpful. If symtpoms not relieve, or if vision affected, get it checked out.

Related Questions

Can hay fever cause 1 swollen eye?

Possible. Hay fever causes an allergic reaction, which could be asymmetric. If the eye stays swollen after using cool compresses, over the counter antihistamines or over the counter ketotifen (allergy eye drop), then see your eye md.

Talc powder in bab's eyes not sure if he inhaled a little, eye is swollen and he' s been drowsy and a little lethargic all day and has a slight fever.

Doubt connection. Talcum powder is inert and not generally harmful in small quantities such as may happen with inadvertent eye exposure. At most I would put a drop or two of any artificial tear supplement in the eye in question and the natural lacrimation process should rid the external eye of the problem. I would doubt that the fever and lethargy is related to the talc exposure. Contact your Peds MD if persists.

3 yr old had a fever in the middle of the night that broke by morning. But she woke up with her bottom eye lid swollen. Eye looks normal. Ideas?

See a doctor. It could be a variety of things- she could have had an insect bite or sting to the eyelid causing swelling, she could have an infection (the fever makes that possible as well), or she may be having some allergy problems. See your doctor to find out if treatment is needed.
See a Pediatrician. This can be several different problems, but without being able to examine your baby would not want to speculate. Best thing to do is to have her examined and diagnosed face to face. Good luck and hope she is better soon. Canada has an outstanding health care system. Use it.

My one year old has swollen eye leaking clear fluid, runny nose, loss of appetite, and 103 degree fever. What could be causing things?

May have an. Eye infection on top of a viral illness that needs immediate attention. Please call your pediatrician for appointment as soon as possible! In meantime, fever control and offer liquids.

Can hay fever cause me to feel occasional pain in eyes? I have no other symptoms (itchy/watery eyes) but I've had hay fever symptoms in the past?

See an eye doctor. Pain in the eye can be intraocular inflammation (inflammation inside the eye) which can be sight threatening. Allergic conjunctivitis should not cause eye pain.