If I have a tailors bunion, when will I have to get surgery?

Tailors bunion. Surgery is indicated if you have pain and life style changes as a result of the tailors bunion.
Tailor's bunion. Since this is an elective procedure, unless there is pain in the area and conservative treatment had failed i would wait.
This is elective. So you never have to. People usually get the surgery if they have pain. I am not a believer in doing the surgery for cosmetic purposes.
Tailor's bunion. As said , as it is elective you never have to have surgery. However , if conservative care fails , then surgery is indicated.
You do not have to. Bunion surgery is elective surgery. You do not have to have it. You do it if you decide to. Usually you will make the choice to have it done if conservative measures have failed to give you adequate relief of pain.