Can a colon infection raise your risk of colon cancer?

Possibly. There is a high prevalence of colon cancer in patients with streptococcus bovis bacteremia. Whether or not it causes colon cancer does not seem to be known. But patients with >10 year history of crohn's or ulcerative colitis, familial polposis symdromes, and a diet high in animal fat do have inccreased risk for colon cancer.
No. There is no known association between colonic infections and cancer. Colon cancer is associated with inflammatory bowel disease.
Ulcerative colitis. Some colon infections can increase the risk of cancer of the colon such as crohn's disease of the colon and ulcerative colitis. Most other no.

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Mestatic colon cancer pt - chest infection on X-ray shown but no fever What can b done?

Supportive care. Antibiotics, oxygen, iv fluids, bronchodilators, etc really depends on pt. Wishes and overall clinical condition. Consideration should be given to resuscitation status as condition could worsen quickly.
Biopsy. The lung lesion should be biopsy to R/O metastasis.

If you have colon cancer could that raise you WBC?

No. Colon cancer usually dose not rise WBC, but cause abdominal pain and bloody stool.

I hav colon cancer and my surgeon won't help me until my albumin raises to a 3.0 and I'm at a 1.3. What does albumin do and how can I raise it? Thanks

Need for evaluation. Low albumin carries a risk of death in surgery. You are extremely undernourished and need to consult a nutritionist for advice. How was the diagnosis of colon cancer made? Do you have family history or early onset colon cancer? I would recommend that you get a second opinion.

Worried. .. Enteritis and in hosp Iv antibiotic. Ct scan said infection or ischamia. Bowel rejecting food. What can be done.? Plus has metastic colon cancer

Chat w/GP. Set up family conference so that everyone can hear what GP & hospitalist have to say. Oncologist, too. Colon cancer that's spread is bad news, as I'm sure you know. Ask patient what they want. Any specific health goals? Life goals? Certainly supportive care but does s/he want anything more aggressive? More surgery? Chemo? In States, we are moving towards www. Polst. Org to clarify what patient wants.

Do hemmroid flareups increase your risk of colon cancer?

Unrelated. Hemorrhoid flare up produces problems with bleeding or the equivalent of thrombosed varicose veins in the rectum. Cancer in general is related to a viral infection from an organism like the polyoma virus that infects a field in the area of colon/rectum that leads to genetic alterations leading to malignant transformation of the involved cells.