I am bleeding beneath my toenails and fingernails, is this a sign of endocarditis?

Endocarditis. Endocarditis can cause "splinter" hemorrhage under the nails. They actually look like tiny little straight splinters. If you are having large areas of bleeding under the nails, it could be traumatic when the toenails hit the tip of the shoe or it could be from a clotting disorder. Either way, it should be checked out asap.
Maybe. Sometimes endocarditis, an infection of a heart valve, causes what we call splinter hemorrages underneath the nails. They look like bruise colored splinters not necessarily a broad bruise like you'd see if you stubbed your toenail.
Splinter . Hemorrages are said to be seen in patients with endocarditis, but there are many causes of splinter hemorrages that it is definately not pathopneumonic for endocarditis. Other factors are looked for i.E heart murmur etc.. It isn't normal to get bleeding under multiple nails hence, i wold see a doc to have this looked at.