Help doctors! What're the ways or proper skin maintainance to get rid of pimples?

See a dermatologist. There are many prescriptions creams available to treat and prevent new pimples. If your acne is severe enough there are also oral antibiotics, birth control pill and spironolactone.

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Hello doctor:) how to get rid of black spots after pimples? I didn't hv much pimples but few but its now hv black spots. And my skin type is not so oily

Blackheads. You are describing blackheads; you may need to see a dermatologist to be sure. Blackheads are related to acne and respond to acne treatment (including benzoyl peroxide). It is also possible to extract individual blackheads with a removal device, but this involves compressing/squeezing the skin, which can spread infection. (don't do this if red, inflamed, or tender). Read more...