Are avocados good for you?

Yes. Holy Guacamole! The average Avocado has 13.5 grams of fiber, 4.02 grams of protein, 322 calories & monosaturated fat. It contains vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin E, glutathione beta-sitosterol which helps to decrease cholesterol levels and both polyphenols & flavonoids which are anti-inflammatories.
Very good! Avocados are among the healthiest of foods! it is one of the best sources of vitamin k ; a great source of plant sterols, carotenoids ; other antioxidants ; omega 3 fatty acids. Avocados reduce inflammation, likely help prevent heart disease, improve blood sugar regulation ; bone health and probably prevent certain forms of cancer. See http://www.Whfoods.Com/genpage.Php?Tname=foodspice;dbid=5.