Everyday I'm having scalp twitching or scalp spasms in my temporal area. They are not painful but are very annoying.

Scalp twitchings. I understand your concern about scalp twitchings and spasms. These symptoms are likely due to anxiety. At age 39, stresses of relationships, marriage, separation, divorce, parenting, children moving away from home work problems and finances can cause anxiety and tension. Please see a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment.
Local nrv irritation. You are describing problems of the temporal branch of the facial nerve that passes by the parotid salivary gland. It supplies the muscles of that area and irritation of it may cause the twitches and spasms. I would be concerned about the parotid or if this started soon after the extractions, you may want to check with your oral surgeon; if not, an ENT physician may be able to help.