My doctor put me on birth control for my unbearable cramps and ovarian cysts so I don't get periods anymore but I have one right now. Why?

What kind? If you are on birth control pills, and are taking the placebo week (one week out of four with most pills; one week out of 12 with seasonale/seasonique) you should have a period when you stop taking your active pills. Progestin only pills are a little different, though. You don't take inactive pills, just active ones. With those, you might not have regular periods, but have breakthrough bleeding.

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Doctor prescribed birth control pills for my ovarian cysts. My period started friday today its sunday. When can I start taking them?

A couple ways to do. Since your period started already, can Take your first pill on the first Sunday (Today) following the start of your period. If your period had started on a Sunday, you could have started your pill that day. Continue to take one pill every day at the same time. With this method, you need to use backup pregnancy protection (such as condoms or abstinence) for at least 7 days. Read more...

I was on birth control for a yr. I was put on it cause my period became irregular due to ovarian cyst. I came off the pill my period. Came one month after but then stopped. Normal?

Can happen. Some women don't ovulate regularly and that often results in irregular periods. Being put on birth control pills makes the periods regular, but then when the birth control pills are stopped the period goes back to being irregular, because the person still isn't ovulating regularly. Also some women can take several months for the periods to return to regular once off bcp's. Read more...