Remedies for a deep congested cough? Went to doctor, had chest X-ray and it was normal. Dr said bad bronchitis. 20mg of prednisone & advair. What else can I do to get rid of this cough?!?!

Cough. If the medications your doctor gave you do help cure the cough, consider other causes for the cough. One of these is gastrointestinal reflux disease (gerd). Gerd can be present without symptoms of heart burn. Speak to your physician (p) about the possibility of your having gerd and your p may consider putting you on a proton pump inhibitor to see if that stops your coughing. Good luck.
Antibiotics. Prednisone and advair treat inflammation and wheezing. If the symptoms are over 10 days old, a bacterial infrction of the bronchial tubes could be present and a course of appropriate antibiotics may be helpful. A mild suppressant cough syrup should help quiet the cough which further irritates the bronchial tubes and windpipe(trachea).