What are the best drugs for asthma in a pregnant woman?

All are best. Pulmicort and Atrovent (ipratropium) HFA are class b drugs. All others are class c. If Pulmicort and atrovent (ipratropium) fail to control your asthma do not hesitate to take any class c asthma drug recommended by your physician. The best drug for your fetus is oxygen. Uncontrolled asthma deprives the uterus of oxygen.
TReat. The treatment of asthma in pregnancy is the same as if one is not pregnant. Asthma is treated and treated aggressively. There may be some subtle changes in drug choices based upon fda classification but all are better then uncontrolled asthma. Asthma can kill if not treated.
All of them. There are no asthma drugs that pose a greater risk to the fetus than the risk of not controlling your asthma. Most steroid drugs are category c because they cause low birth weight in lab animal pregnancies, but steroids are given to mice by injection, not by low-dose inhalation as we do in people. Budesonide has enough history in pregnancy that it is the only category b steroid.