Is it normal to have a minor swelling in the gum after medication put to kill molar pulp (uncompleted root canal) procedure was done today

Yes it is. You had an infected tooth that needed root canal treatment, after the first part was done the swelling is normal since you just started on the antibiotic tx.
Normal. The initial pulp treatment does not remove all the infection, with the hole closed the inflammation has no way to escape through the tooth and sometimes it pushes through the gums. This should get better once your treatment is completed and the infection subsides.. Get well, dr mokbel, scdemtalimplants.Com.
YES, "normal" Very normal to have this type of problems after and during an endodontic procedure. Medications are irritant to the gums and many times the dentist can not avoid to "touch" the gum. Don't worry... It should go away after a week or so. Tell your dentist about this when going back to continue treatment.