Why are teenagers more susceptible to pneumococcal meningitis?

No, they are not. Individuals with certain underlying medical conditions are at higher risk to develop an invasive pneumococcal infection including meningitis. The conditions are: asplenia (either absent or nonfunctioning); complement deficiency; nephrotic syndrome. Anyone undergoing cochlear implantation is also at higher risk.
Meningitis. Teenagers are not more susceptible to pneumococcal meningitis. Children under age 6 are at the greatest risk.

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How dangerous is it to have pneumococcal meningitis?

CAN BE TREATED/ Pnumocococcal meningitis if treated appropriately and early without delay has good prognosis with full recovery.70to80% get full recovery without any complications. Rest have one or more of the following complications brain damage subdural effusion hearing loss seizures hydrocephalus.

Hi I just left a house where the person has been dead for 2 weeks on sunday, and she died of pneumococcal meningitis am I in need of antibiotics.?

No. The pneumococcus is widespread in the environment and the dead body does not present a danger to you. This must have been frightening for you and everyone else involved. Be strong and if this was someone you knew, remember the good times. Best wishes.

I am a college student, how can I avoid pneumococcal meningitis?

Rare. Pneumococcal meningitis is pretty rare in the US. Meningococcal (Neisseria meningitidis) meningitis is more common and is preventable by a simple MCV4 vaccine.
Pneumococcal meningi. This is not a major risk in adults. It is a risk in children especially under 6. Neisseria meningitis is a risk for college students and there are vaccines for this very devastating infection.

Should I give my child a pneumococcal meningitis vaccine?

Depends on age. All kids less than 5 should receive multiple doses of the pneumococcal vaccine prevnar. A dose may be needed up to 6 for higher risk kids. Some people with other risks, such as spleen removal or sickle cell disease, will need an expanded form with more types included. The vaccines work very well and have dramatically decreased pneumococcal disease overall. Get any child vaccinated!
Yes! Yes! And Yes. A proven safe, effective vaccine vs a life threatening disease? Should there really be a question here?

What is the significance of raising band neutrophils and normal lymphocyte in CSF in case of "streptococcus pneumoniae " meningitis?

Meningitis. In bacterial meningitis the numbers of wbcs in the CSF is elevated and usually consists of cells in the neutrophilic series. Many labs indicate that up to 5 wbc/ml is normal, but my practice is to consider any neutrophils to be abnormal, but this must be evaluated in the context of the clinical presentation. With strep pneumoniae the protein is likely to be high and the glucose significantly low.

I am 4 weeks out from pneumococcal strep meningitis. It caused a stroke in my cerebellum and hearing loss in my right ear. Looking for suppliment?

Faster recovery. I would recommend to see someone skilled to optimize your recovery. If your primary care does not help, look for functional medicine practitioner in your area. Good luck and speedy recovery. Homeopathy might be also of help.