Can compacted wisdom teeth and infections for a year cause shotty nodes in neck and armpit? Been on antibiotics twice need to be removed very costly

Misplaced priorities. Antibiotics will limit spread of infection as long as they are being taken, but will not cure a dental infection. Stop taking pills ; infection comes right back. That said, there's nothing more important than your health. You have infection spreading through your entire body. Your health is more important than computer connectivity. Choose your health first.
Infected wisdoms. First, an infection can cause enlarged or tender lymph nodes not only in your neck but further along the chain. Secondly, while it may be expensive to remove wisdom teeth, recurring infections can eventually lead to a more serious problem. This in turn may cost you even more money and more time away from work or school. Try to work out proper treatment with your dentist and not take chances!
Proper treatment. The lymph nodes in the area are probable affected by the long term infection of the wisdom teeth, you need to have them removed asap , as far as the cost, there are many places that offer multiple payment options..