Do people really have facelifts for their jobs?

Definitely & more. Absolutely, many of my patients give this exact reason to look more competive to prospective employers as well as to appear younger to clients.
Probably. People have facelifts for different reasons, and some people feel it is an advantage in their career to look younger.
Sometimes. In jobs where your image is important, like television and sometimes sales, people may get facial plastic surgery to help compete against a younger workforce. Yet, this should not be your only motivation or you may end up dissatisfied with the results.
Yes. People (both men and women) have facelifts to increase their perceived worth in certain professions.
Yes. I practice in silicon valley, where there are a number of high-tech companies that employ a predominantly young workforce. It is not uncommon for older workers to investigate facelifts, eyelid surgery, or other methods of facial rejuvenation to make themselves more comfortable around younger colleagues.
Facelifts. People have facelifts for different reasons including "staying in the game." Your best bet would be to have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
Looking well. Yes, those who are in the public eye or those who wish to appear rested and healthy often opt to have cosmetic surgery.
Yes. In many professions a younger fresher look gives one a competitive edge.
Responsible plastic. Surgeons try to explore such motivations and disabuse their pt of the notion that a facelift is the one key to a better job or relationship- a predisposition which is unlikely to result in a happy patient no matter how great the surgery goes. That said, the truth is that pts usually have complex, multiple reasons. Negativism- often inappropriate- of family and friends is also a big issue.
Job Lifts? As we age, we begin to place more value on our looks as they change. Many patients start to feel that if they can look better, they will feel better about themselves. This is the main motivation for any cosmetic surgery: To enable a patient to feel better about herself. Sometimes, one of the things she wants to feel better about is competing in her job. This is usually not the main reason for surg.