Are cystic fibrosis and diabetes related?

In a way. Most patients with diabetes have either a failure of the pancrease (pancrelipase) to produce Insulin or develop resistance to Insulin for various reasons. In cf, there is pancreatic insufficiency due to injury to the pancrease (pancrelipase) from the disease itself... And this can lead to CF related diabetes (where more Insulin is needed).
In a way. Cystic fibrosis (CF) patients may develop a form of diabetes (cystic fibrosis related diabetes, cfrd) since CF can affect the function of the pancreas, an organ that controls insulin.

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Help please? How long do people with cystic fibrosis and diabetes live to be?

Treatment/infections. The life expectancy for cystic fibrosis has improved over the last decade. With close follow up, adherence to your medications, nutrition and exercise, you can improve your overall health. In addition, when there are flare ups called exacerbations, prompt treatment with antibiotics to treat the particular bacteria cultured is indicated. Prmgpedspulm can review records at fax 858 259 9689. Read more...