Can I use a nicotine patch in pregnancy?

Yes you can. If you are heavy smoker nicotine patch is better than ciggaretes. Discuss this option with your ob/gyn.
Better than smoking. Studies place the reduction in nicotine exposure of the fetus at about 70% when the 7 mg patch is used compared to the 21mg patch or continued smoking. Using this as a way to get quit has positive effects for both.

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Is it safe to use a nicotine patch in pregnancy?

Not really. This is always an interesting question. Nicotine is dangerous for a pregnancy and can cause fetal growth problems among other things. No amount of nicotine is considered safe so the best option is to avoid completely. That being said there are many other dangerous substances in tobacco smoke. In patients who can not stop, the doctor & the patient would weight the risks of nicotine patches. Read more...