My right testis pains so doctor said I had prostatitis bacterial I m taking antiobiotic but when I walk continuosly my left testis pains. Plz help me?

Dx: Right orchalgia. Testicle pain (aka orchalgia) not uncommon in a young adult male - yet often a vexing problem. Important to verify there is no underlying testicle problem which can usually be noted on exam by the doctor and by scrotal ultrasound if needed. Bacterial prostatitis DX usually made on basis of abnormal urinalysis. Non-bacterial prostatitis more common cause of orchalgia. See urologist if pain persists.

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I have prostatitis abacterial and my right testis pains so doctor gave me antiobiotic. Can I do materbating? Also please describe me about this disease.

See Answer. Non-bacterial prostatitis (inflammation without infection) common in young and middle-aged men. Cause often unclear. Associated with urinary and genital symptoms/pain often aggravated by stress, alcohol, spicy foods, citrus, and caffeine which should be avoided. One 2-3 week empiric course of antibiotic, anti-inflammatories, prostate relaxants, sitz baths, prostate massage/ejaculation helpful. Read more...