What are the best treatments for spinal cord stimulator brachial plexus avulsions?

Not understanding. My assumption is you are asking what spinal cord stimulators (scs) are best at treating? Typically scs is good at treating neuropathic pain disorders, whether related as a brachial plexus avulsion or a chronic radiculopathy post spine surgery. Also patients with complex regional pain syndromes have been helped with scs. Scs is currently being used for vascular pain being done in europe.

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If horner's is avulsion at c8-t1 of brachial plexus, what does it have to do with the sympathetic chain?

review horner's. Horner's is not, as you say, "avulsion of c8-t1 of brachial plexus." it is a syndrome of loss of sympathetic innervation to the neck/face. Injuries involving lower proximal brachial plexus can also disrupt the sympathetic fibers here. But other things can cause horner's syndrome, too, like carotid artery dissection or a pancoast tumor. Read more...