Can birth control pills lose their potency?

Yes over time. All medications have an expiration date, by which the manufacturer essentially guarantees the medication will be effective until that time. While medication may be effective for a longer period than that, there is no guarantee or study that it will be. It may even have undesirable effects. Expired medications should be discarded and a new prescription requested from your doctor.

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Does sperm potency effect the efficiency of birth control pills? My boyfriend is 25 and his first child was conceived on BC w/ his ex so I am curious.

Probably not. Because birth control pills prevent ovulation, which in turn prevents pregnancy. More likely, the pill failed to prevent ovulation in the woman.

What are signs that your birth control pills aren't right for you/aren't working? I've been taking Seasonique and lose my appetite from time to time.

Varies. Some women cannot tolerate the pill, but those women usually have persistent symptoms while taking the pill. What you describe is probably not related to the pill. Some variation in how you feel (headaches, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, changes in appetite, etc) may be due to your diet or to other environmental influences. You would have to stop your pill to see if your symptoms improve.
Appetite. The pill could effect your appetite, but that usually gets better the longer you take it. If you are sick and throwing up all the time, a switch in pills would be indicated. It's 'working'

Can birth control pills make you lose your sex drive?

Some can. If the sex drive is down, then a change in pills may be order. However, noting your age, (46) it might also be due to peri-menopausal symptoms. Check with your gyn md to find out.

If you have sex and get pregnant, and then a few days later start on birth control pills, would it make you lose the baby?

No. No but why would you take the pills once you are pregnant. I would stop them right away if this happened by mistake. Hope this helps.

Yaz made my hair fall out. Is it likely that ortho tri cyclin lo or other strong anti-androgen birth control pills will do the same? I have hormonal acne, but just recovered from telogen effluvium. I don't want to lose my hair again.

You have it backward. Androgens cause androgenetic alopecia, not telogen effluvium. Antiandrogen or 5-alpha reductase inhibitor is used to remedy androgenetic alopecia. You need to see a dermatologist and define your problem. There are no "strong" antiandrogen birth control pills. Yaz is weak antiandrogen and orthotricyclen is neutral. You may benefit from spironolactone or dutasteride or both, with or without an OC.
Side effect. Yes, if you take an androgen antagonist, the possible outcome is hair loss. Although there are topical treatments like Minoxidil out there, the response is not usually satisfactory.

Can birth control pills go bad?

Yes. Check the expiration date - if they are expired, then use condoms until you get a new prescription.