Can you tell me if a jogger has stepped in a pothole and sprained his ankle. What systems have suffered damage?

Sprained ankle. A sprained ankle is an injury to the ankle ligaments and tendons surrounding the ankle joint. If a sprained ankle lasts more than a week than it is no longer a sprained ankle.... Need to rule out tears of the ligaments and tendons at that point.
Needs investigation. Ankles particularly need investigation if your pains have not improved in a short period of time. If you find yourself limited after two weeks because of the ankle, you'd really need an MRI scan to be sure there's no ligament injury.
Systems. No systems usually suffer damage . It is usually localized to the ankle and or lower leg and foot .
A & P 101. (A) musculo-skeletal (B) nervous (C) Integumentary (D) Circulatory (E) All of the above.
Sprained ankle. Somebody with a sprained depending the severity of it can tear the ankle ligaments or even suffer a fracture . Evaluation by the proper specialist is advised.