What is h1n1 flu or swine flu?

A viral flu strain. H1n1 refers to the proteins that make up the critical parts of this particular flu virus. For example, h5n1 is a common flu virus that attacks some years. "swine flu" is a misnomer. Flu viruses are named after their original hosts, and the h1n1 virus we've been dealing with is actually a combination of avian, human and swine flu dna mixed together. Also, it's the same spanish flu from 1918.
Latest new flu. Swine flu was the latest flu to be in circulation, it started in 2009 and has remained one of the predominant strains in circulation since then. It differs from previous strains in that younger adults and pregnant women were most severely affected. It has been included in this year's flu shot and will remain in the 2011 - 2012 vaccine.

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I got the h1n1 shot how does it work and what to do if I get the swine flu does it go away I had little sytoms when I got shot dr said its normal?

Code recognition. The vaccine allows your cells to recognize the genes of the virus if it enters the body and allows immunity to it once recognized. You can still get the flu, with hopes that your body will fight it or at least to mitigate the symptoms if you get it. It is not 100% perfect immunity for 100% of the population. Read more...