Can old men get osteoporosis?

Yes, but why? Osteoporosis in men can occur from several reasons. Each needs to be\excluded: 1.Low testosterone. 3. Inadequate vit d intake. 4. Inadequate calcium intake.5. Taking certain drugs, like corticosteroids. 6. Sedentary life-style. 7. Renal tubular acidosis. 8. Chronic inadequate human growth hormone secretion. There are others, but you need to find out why, as well as treat!
Definitely. Osteoporosis is not simply a disease of women. As men age and we are talking 60s and not just old men, osteoprosis does occur. Unfortunately, we still do not do enough bone densities on men because we think its a women's disease. In fact as people get older and now we talking 70s and 80s the complication rates following hip fractures are more common and typically more serious then women.