I had a inguinal hernia repair with mesh exactly 3 weeks ago, is it normal for swollen testicle on the same side of repair? 3 weeks?

Not really. Usually the testicle and scrotum are not swollen following a hernia repair, but it can happen . You need to know the difference between a swollen testicle and the swollen scrotum. The best way for you to do that is to see your surgeon. Good luck.
Little bit of. Swelling is normal at this stage, but show it to your surgeon just to be sure.

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I had an inguinal hernia repair nearly 4 months ago. Over the last few days, the testicle on the same side has swelled again. Should I be worrie?

Here are... What described seemed suggestive of recurrent symptom-free unilateral hemiscrotal swelling - the same side operated upon for inguinal hernia 4 months ago. If so, record the onset, degree, duration, ; interval of swelling with its detailed sequence of event, ; bring those to doc for analysis, more hx, physicals, and possible tests as needed so to deduce ?Dx for proposing rx. Clinically, hydrocele? Read more...
See your surgeon. This could represent a fluid collection known as a seroma, or a recurrent hernia. Best to see your surgeon for an exam to find out. Hope this helps! Read more...