Dependant on stimulants. No prescription. They feel like a miracle. I want to tell my doc the truth. Scared tho. I can go w/o them. Think im add anyws?

Truth is needed. A doctor's job is to help you and not to judge you. Thus withholding information from him is like leaving a major cut unstitched. Holding back information may actually harm you in the long run.
Not worth the risk. Telling your doc the truth is very important in a doc/pt relationship. If you let them know about your add suspicion, you can be evaluated and treated.I would also recommend mthfr (677 ; 1298) genotype testing as many of the symptoms you talk about (add/depression/fatigue)can be "fixed" with a supplement of l-methyl folate, (folic acid) p5p (active b6), ; methyl cobalamin (active b12)@bellevue pharmacy. :).