How do you teach a child about type 1 diabetes when he’s just been diagnosed?

DM team instruction. Every kid i pick up with dm1 is sent to a center with certified diabetes educators and physicians to begin the families orientation to this life changing event. My closest centers are fort worth, dallas, temple or austin but one has a local clinic for regular followup visits. Small hospital facilities & regular physicians often don't have the time or current info to do a well rounded orientation.
DM 1 in children. This is a trying time for both parents and the child depending on the age of the child. There are tertiary centers around in most states, who would have pediatric endocrinology clincs and the best thing you can do is ask your pediatrian to make a referral for you. They usually will foit you in earlier if it si anewly diagnosed dm and if your pediatrcian makes the call and referral.