Does carbonated soda hurt my teeth?

Yes... Soda pop contains corrosive acids such as citric, malic, tartaric carbonic or phosphoric which, can remove calcium from tooth enamel. Without protection from the dental enamel, the tissue underneath is susceptible to cavities, root canals & even extractions. Sugar is an additional cavity causing issue, so consider rinsing your mouth after drinking soda, both diet & soda containing sugar.
YES. Virtually all carbonated soda is acidic, which leads to erosion of tooth structure. You should not brush your teeth for 30 minutes after drinking anything acidic. On top of it all, if you are drinking soda with sugar...Double the trouble with increased cavities. Add the calories..Wow, not much good for soda in one's diet (studies show obese kids have higher rates of cavities).
Coke and Teeth. It is easy to find out the answer to your question. Go buy some coke and place a chicken bone inside it for a week. After a week take out the chicken bone from the coke and see how it feels. The bone will be very flexible. When teeth are excessively expose to carbonated drinks, it can erode the enamel surface of teeth opening the door to decay.
Yes. Soda is the worst thing for your teeth, its not the carbonation though it is the sugar and sweeteners. For example carbonated water is perfectly fine for teeth.