28/f. Subplueral lung nodule in peripheral base. Accidental finding on ct. Quit smoking 4 years ago. What's the chance its cancer? I'm petrified.

Some chance,, . Because you've had a history of smoking there is some chance that this can be cancer. However, you're young at 28 years and it takes a long history of smoking for this to develop, and the location is on the periphery which is not a common place for lung cancer from smoking to show up in. It may be something else that isn't related to smoking. It's best to see your dr. ; possibly get it biopsied.
Don't panic. Obviously you have to have it checked out, but it is very unlikely to have lung cancer at your age.

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2mm lung nodule lower left lobe - unrelated CT found it - on 1yr fu it's now 4mm. Any reason other than cancer it would grow? I just quit smoking.

Benign possibilities. There are many benign causes of a solitary pulmonary nodule. However, with a smoking history, you probably ought to have it biopsied, if possible, or even removed. This is to be certain that this isn't due to an early malignancy whose removal would likely be curative. Kudos to you for smoking cessation; keep up the good work. Good luck! see a cardiothoracic surgeon for evaluation. Read more...
It doubled. In one year, and while it is small, it is more likely to be cancer in a smoker than anything else. Next step is a pet scan, which can look at its metabolic activity as well as nodes and distant places. Seek a "combined modality" team for further work-up and treatment. Read more...