Who performs a fetal echo? Pediatric cardiology or perinatology?

Either can, but. A pediatric cardiologist is specifically skilled in congenital heart disease, and is more likely to catch as much detail as possible. They can also counsel parents in more detail about discovered abnormalities.
Both. But counseling is typically done by a cardiologist if there are abnormal findings.
Either or... Either a pediatric cardiologist or a perinatologist can perform a fetal echocardiogram although i would rather the cardiologist do it; they read echoes every day. The cardiologist can give better advice should a heart defect be found.
Perinatologists, Pediatric cardiologists, Some pediatric Radiologists and obstetricians who specialize in maternal/fetal ultrasound. Non-pediatric cardiologist also perform complete ultrasonic evaluation of fetus, including estimated size & weight, heart, brain, kidneys, genitalia, bladder, lungs etc.
MFM to screen. MFM to screen and if abnormalities refer to peds cardiology for counseling families as well on treatment.
It depends. on the institution and individual experience. I have seen both groups do a fine job. .
Fetal echo. Either a Perinatologist or a pediatric cardiologist can perform fetal echocardiograms. Some perinatologists may not feel comfortable doing fetal echos and some pediatric cardiologists may not feel comfortable scanning pregnant women. .
Fetal Echo. Pediatric cardiologists receive specialized training in performing fetal echocardiograms to evaluate fetal heart structures. Usually, it is the perinatologist that refers you to the pediatric cardiologist as they noticed something concerning on your ultrasound.