I was diagnosed with acute pharyngitis but I don't have a sore throat just dry mouth low grade fever left tonsil is swollen I was give amoxicillin?

Infection. Swollen tonsil and low grade fever indicate infection. If infection is bacterial, antibiotic should help. If cause is viral, antibiotic will not help. Discuss your concerns with your prescribing physician.
Pharyngitis. You're really dealing with a technicality of terminology. If your tonsil is inflamed and infected, the tonsil is part of your pharynx or throat. Therefore the diagnosis of pharyngitis is appropriate. I would usually call it tonsillopharyngitis.

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Took amoxicillin 3 times now in 6 months 10 day 500mg for sore throat and fever tonsils swollen throat swab neg though what is going on no cough?

Virus? Allergy? Probably these were not bacterial infections but viral, or perhaps an allergy problem. Except for strep, which apparently was negative by swab, few bacterial infections do this. No antibiotic, including amoxicillin, has any effect on viral infections or allergies. Keep working with your doctor, or perhaps see otolaryngologist (ENT) or allergy specialist. Read more...

Body-joint aches like when u have a cold, warm attacks, feel weak, dry mouth, tip tongue sensitive, but no fever no sore throat?

Non-specific. These symptoms are too vague to allow even speculation as to their cause. If they continue, make a list of all symptoms and time they occur and see your pcp and allow full exam and evaluation. Read more...