Will fat burning pills plus exercise help me lose weight? What should I eat to help lose belly fat n fat in my arms?

Losing fat. Fat burning pills do not have adequate medical evidence of effectiveness. Exercise will always be the best means of weight loss. Reducing the total number of calories you eat, particularly fat calories is 2nd. There is no way to target where your body will lose fat. You just have to eat a good diet and exercise and mostly take weight/fat off evenly all over.
Fat Burning Pills. None of the pills sold as fat burning pill do not burn an oz of fat, if threre was fat buning meds then people will not have to struggle so much to loose weight.Only way you can loose weight is by cutting down on total clories consumed and cutting simple sugars and carbs and some fat.Eating a balanced diet with whole grains, fresh fruits, and veges.And most important regular exercising&abdominal exer.