Hello doctor's. Is it true or fake about regrowing new hairs on bald head. Product is in the link. Http://cyberteleshop. Com/hair-building-fiber?

Unlikely. Gynecomastia and hair loss require lab evaluation . Hair loss from illness will regrow if caise is treated. Most hair regrowth formulars are ineffective though products with Minoxidil will help in vertex baldness from androgenic effect.

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Hello doctors. Is is true that this product grow new hairs on bald head. Plz check this link of product. Http://cyberteleshop. Com/hair-building-fiber?

Not sure. If there is no Minoxidil in either of these products they will do nothing but be a waste of money. There is a pill called propecia, (finasteride) available by prescription only which does grow hair. Read more...