My cholesterol level is 206. What diet do I take to keep it low.?

More veg/fish, less. If u r young and in general good health, 206 is very mildly elavated and if you have high level of HDL (good cholesterol) say above 60...I would not worry much about it (less than 200 = good). Balanced diet with more fish/veggies, less animal fats/cholesterol, and more aerobic exercise will do the job! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Stay well and healthy. Good luck.
Depends. The breakdown is more important than the total number. The coronary risk ratio is the most important thing to look at which is your total chol to hdl; a great number is below 3.5 but below 4.2 is acceptable. Eat low glycemic, healthy fats, lean proteins and be plant based. These will keep your risk for all chronic diseases low.