Doctors there must be a cure for premature ejaculation I can't live like this nomore my relationship is over just like ED got solutions please tell me?

Urgent care. Get with your physician. You would probably be a candidate for treatment with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
Be seen! See a trusted health provider, such as a family physician, general internist or urologist as many different approaches exist for this frustrating problem. Obviously, this is impacting your life deeply, so sit down and talk with someone right away to help you find a solution. Techniques exist for how you approach sex/romance, stress reduction, and even some medications. Good luck.
In meantime. There are many solutions that may require some time. In the mean time there are some otc remedies that may give partial relief if you have not tried them. They essentially numb the tip of the penis to diminish excitement and stimulation.