Do they put you to sleep during beratric surgery im scared n do they give you something to calm you? Will I feep it. Will I b in pain

Sound asleep. You will be sound asleep. Anesthesia is very very safe. If you ask, they will give you something to calm you down before you go to room.
Bariatric Surgery. Yes, you undergo complete sleep called general anesthesia. You are not supposed to feel a thing during the operation. Your anesthesiologist will give you some medicine to calm your nerves before even going inside the operating room, you have to let the anesthesiologist know about it. Good luck.
You will sleep. Do not worry, surgical stress it s big but peopla handling the procedure are professionals. You will have general anesthesia and you will close your eyes, and when opened again the case it s over. It will be as simple as that for you:) smile, you will be fine:).