What can I do other than taking meds to enhance my chances of concieving with one ovary?

Optimize Fertility. Optimizing fertility is always the same, regardless of 1 or 2 ovaries. Stress reduction, a well-balanced diet, more complex carbs, reduced simple carbs, increased omega-3 and dha fats. Sex early (in your cycle) and often. There's little benefit to timing ovulation, lying on your side, or trying different positions, since these will not affect conception rates.
Lifestyle & see REI. If overweight, use diet and exercise to aim for a normal weight. Quit if you smoke; avoid heavy drinking and drug use. See a fertility specialist early: to evaluate your egg supply, which is cut in half by losing an ovary even if you're young, and to make sure that your tubes are open, the inside of your uterus is normal, and your partner has a normal semen analysis. Best wishes.
Concieving. My first recommendation is to get and read the book, "taking charge of your fertility" by toni weschler. She does a very through job of explaining how to figure out when you are ovulating, & has lots of pointers. I also recommend all my patients trying to concieve take a vitamin supplement with folate (folic acid) to prevent birth defects.