Do I need to fast before getting my LDL cholesterol checked?

YES, FAST >12 hours. To get an accurate LDL cholesterol it is best to fast at least 12 hours. Drinking water is ok and necessary. Our office also allows 'black coffee' (no cream/sugar) hope that helps!
Yes. Lost accurate lipid panel (hdl, LDL and triglycerides) is obtained after a 10 hour fast.
Only recommended. Since measurement of the LDL cholesterol is often a calculated level based on triglyceride (when less than 400) which fluctuates signifincantly with relation to food intake, thus recommended fasting. Direct measurement of LDL does not need fasting! so, if direct measurement is done, no fating required. Total cholesterol and HDL don't fluctuate much.. Consult your doc.. Good luck...