Does menieres come in attacks?

Yes. One of the important characteristics of meniere's is that it is episodic, occurring in attacks of any one, two or three of the symptoms (vertigo, tinnitus, types of hearing loss). These come unexpectedly, may occur one-five times per year, usually last between 2-20 minutes, but may last 24 hrs, may be mild or very severe and disabling (stay in dark quiet place and rest). Yes, it comes in attacks.
Yes. Usually so. Hallmark f meniere's disease: fluctuating hearing loss, occasional episodic vertigo, tinnitus (ringing in ear), and aural fullness sensation in ear...A person is often without symptoms until an attack occurs. Pperisstent tinnitus with progressive hearing loss and imbalance may occur with recurrent attacks. So treatment and follow-up are recommended. Good luck.