Is 700/0 carotid artery narrowing a TIA symtom?

Not clear. Your question is not clear. Please reframe the question to get correct answer.
TIA Carotid. Tia does not lead to carotid narrowing but the vice versa is true. An evaluation by a neurologist can help to determine if the TIA was related to the carotid stenosis and that may help with the future stroke prevention.

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Can tias over time be caused by temporary or partial occlusion of vertebral or carotid arteries and cause foci or lesions?

Yes. Tia's are short-lived, about 20-30- minutes and usually fully reverse. If not, it is a stroke with tissue damage, and then can be seen on an mri. The event heralds risk, and preventative treatment with an antiplatelet drug should be started. An embolism from say the heart or aorta, may need anti-coagulation. The greatest future risk of TIA is a stroke within one year. Read more...
Yes. TIAs are more often assoc with carotid stenosis (partial occlusion) than vertebral. Stenosis is almost never temporary. When a Dr. agrees TIA has occurred, a carotid ultrasound test is usually done to check for stenosis. Not all TIAS are assoc with carotid disease. TIAs with carotid stenosis are a real warning for stroke & frequently should be treated by carotid repair (surgery). Hope this helps. Read more...