What heart scan is better, CT scanner or ultra scan?

UltraSOUND. I think you mean cardiac ultrasound (also known as echocardiography). They look at different things. Echo sees over all function, wall thickness, chamber dimensions, valves, and can measure blood flow and pressure. Ct is for detecting calcium and looking at the coronary arteries.

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Can a heart scan CT calcium score show the presence of soft plaque in the arteries. If not, can an CT angiogram sans catheter do the job?

Yes. Soft plaque does contain calcium, so it will elevate the calcium score. CTA can estimate (key word: estimate) the degree of blockage. Researchers have tried to make predictive instruments that incorporate calcium scores. Check this one out sponsored by the NIH: http://www.mesa-nhlbi.org/Calcium/ArterialAge.aspx. Read more...

Ordered CT heart scan. I do not understand?

Reason? More information need to answer the why? If you are having symptoms this may be done with contrast as part of a cardiac ct angiography study. If asymptomatic this may be a coronary calcium screening test to determine presence and amount of cad. Both are highly useful non-invasive tests but provide different information. Read more...