I gained20lbs ovr nite! (not litteraly)but it happen fast! I must loose it asap! I look pregnani, &i'm not! Ihad a hysterectomy 5yrs ago. Help! I'm 41.?

WEIGHT GAIN FAST. Fast weight gain usually means you are retaining fluid (water).And it has to have a reason. You need to cosult your doctor who will examine you and if indicated order tests to find the cause. There may be a problem with your liver, kidneys, heart. This is if you have really gained weight very rapidly.
GET CHECKED. Rapid weight gain could be hypothyroidsim. A simple lab can be done to check thyroid. Also 'water weight gain' (any ankle swelling?) can be caused by kidney disease (nephrotic syndrome) or liver disease (ascites). An abdomen mass (or ovary mass) can 'make you look preganant' so an imaging study may help with the diagnosis.