What are the main symptoms of a blood clot in the leg? I have painful leg & I'm not sure if it's my varicose veins & spider veins. Walk 6 days a week

See your doc. If you have concerns about a blood clot of your leg, you should see your physician. Blood clots of the legs can cause pain and swelling, and discoloration. The concern with leg blood clots is that they potentially pass to your lung which can be dangerous. Your doctor may order an ultrasound of your leg veins to rule out a blood clot as the cause of your pain. Your pain may be due to varicosities.
See a physician now. That having been said, 1-sided leg pain/swelling in the setting of: active cancer; immobilization;post-surgery&bedridden;localized swelling in area of deep veins; entire leg is swollen; calf swelling >3cm; pitting edema on one leg only...All these (& more) speak to a high likelihood of having a dvt. The more of these (wells) criteria, the higher likelihood. See a doc now; you may need an ultrasound.
Several. The textbook symptoms include swelling in the area and tenderness to touch with warmth or redness. Varicose veins can cause painful legs also. You should definitely discuss your symptoms with your physician.
Pain and swelling. A clot in the leg is very dangerous and if you feel you may have one, get checked. Spider veins are not the same thing. A surface spider vein can hurt and cause tender skin but a deep vein thrombus causes severe tenderness in the calf and swelling. The clot can fragment or move to lungs, brain or heart and leave devastating results. Get checked.
There are many. Often blood clots have no symptoms at all. That is one of the reasons why they can be so dangerous. If you can varicose and spider veins and your leg is painful, you should seek medical attention.